FAQs-SR CAD Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do you subcontract to larger companies?

A - Yes, however, to better manage our equipment and staff, we usually visit our customers at their workplace, then work remotely, keeping in close communication with our clients every step of the way and attending meetings when required.

Q - Do you offer design services as well as CAD assistance?

A - Yes, we can offer design services as and when required. Contact us for a more indepth discussion so we can understand your full requirements.

Q - Do you offer fixed prices?

A - Yes, due to the nature of this work and realising that not everyone works at the same pace, we try where possible to give a fixed quotation rather than an hourly rate.

Q - Do you offer CAD Tuition?

A - We are currently recording a 2D CAD tuition series of videos, which will be available as an online package in the near future. We do not offer 1 to 1 tuition at present.